Tuesday, October 9, 2018

QC Newsletter October 2018 - Halloween Spooktacular Fun!

Halloween Spooktacular Fun!!!

Lee Farms - Pumpkin Patch
21975 SW 65th Ave, Tualatin
Saturdays and Sundays
Sept 22nd - Oct 31st

Pumpkin Regatta Festival
8325 SW Nyberg St, Tualatin
October 20th - 10am - 4pm
West Coast Giant Pumpkin Regatta is a race across the lake in giant pumpkins, a 5K run, pumpkin carving, music, entertainment, kids’ crafts, costume Contest and food & drink vendors.

The Maize at the Pumpkin Patch
16511 NW Gillihan Rd, Portland
Sept - Open daily 10am-6pm
Oct - Sun thru Thur 10am - 6pm
Fri - Sat 10am - 10pm

Howloween at the Zoo
4001 Southwest Canyon Rd, Portland
October 20 th- 28th (weekends)
9:30am - 3pm

Not-So-Scary Halloween at the Children’s Museum
4015 Southwest Canyon Road, Portland
October 28th - 10am - 2pm
Features trick-or-treat bag decorating, a pumpkin smash, spooky stories, glow-in-the-dark painting, a costume dance party and trick-or-treating.

Davis Graveyard Haunted Yard
8703 SE 43rd Ave, Milwaukie
October 1st - 31st 
See Davis Graveyard in Milwaukie any day, or after dusk to see the lights, or wait for special effects on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday evenings plus Oct. 31. View it from the street since the fence is closed. Free

House of Shadows Haunted House  
1776 NW Fairview Dr, Gresham
October 5th - Nov. 3rd (starts Sept. 28)

13th Door Haunted House
 3855 SW Murray Blvd, Beaverton 
October 5th - Nov. 3rd (starts Sept. 28)

Milburn’s Haunted House
11503 Broadacres Rd NE, Hubbard
October 5th - 31st
A haunted house, a dark scare, a lit pumpkin patch, and covered lines to keep you dry in Hubbard

Fear Asylum Haunted House
13121 SE McLoughlin Blvd, Milwaukie
Oct 5 - Oct 31st 
Friday - Sunday

QC Newsletter October 2018 - Spooktacular Specials!

Spooktacular Specials!

Clean 3 Rooms Get a Hallway Free!

One coupon per household, not valid on commercial/rental properties, not to be combined with any other offers. (Minimums apply)  Expires 10/31/18

QC Newsletter October 2018 - Dust Mites!

Dust Mites: Everything You Might Not Want To Know!

Just thinking of these dust mites living in your pillow by the millions, eating your dead skin and hair is enough to make you sick (literally and figuratively). The are a major cause of asthma and allergies; especially in vulnerable individuals, such as children and the elderly.

According to the American College of Asthma, Allergy & Immunology, approximately 10% of Americans exhibit allergic sensitivity to dust mites. The American Lung Associations tells us "Dust mites are not parasites; they don't bite, sting or burrow into our bodies. The harmful allergen they create comes from their fecal pellets and body fragments.

Dust mites are nearly everywhere; roughly four out of five homes in the United States have detectable levels of dust mite allergen in at least one bed." Don't you feel better now, know they don't bite or sting; and your allergic reaction is only due to burying your face in a pillow full of their feces?  And you may feel better knowing, according to WebMD, that "Dust mites like to eat dead skin from pets and humans. You probably shed enough skin a day to feed a million dust mites."

How to Recognize the Symptoms of Allergies to Dust Mites:

The protein substances in the dust mite feces produces antibodies in humans who are allergic when these are inhaled or touch the skin. These antibodies cause the release of histamines which causes to nasal congestion, swelling and irritation of the upper respiratory passages. The Mayo Clinic, WebMD and NIH collectively provide this list of typical symptoms of an  allergy to dust mites;  You may experience all or just some of them:

Hay fever, watering eyes, runny nose, sneezing, asthma, difficulty in breathing,itchy, red or watery eyes. Nasal congestion, itchy nose, roof of mouth or throat, postnasal drip, cough, facial pressure and pain. Frequent awakening, swollen or blue-colored skin under your eyes.

So you might be thinking, EW! What can I do?? Here’s a list of some things you can do:

  • Wash all linens weekly in hot water and dry in hot dryer
  • Vaccum all carpets and upholstery with Hepa filters vacuum cleaners
  • Wash all toys, stuffed animals, other fabric items, etc in hot water and hot dryer
  • Freeze items that can’t be washed in plastic bags for 24 hours

Have carpets steamed cleaned regularly to kill dust mites!

Monday, August 27, 2018

QC Newsletter September 2018 - FaceBook

Did you know Quick and Clean has a FaceBook page? 

Click “like” our page for inclusive tips and offers you won’t see anywhere else!

QC Newsletter September 2018 - Walk Off Mats

Walk Off Mats

With fall just around the   corner, now is the time to pick up some walk off mats!

When the leaves and needles start falling from the trees, all that dirt and debris can be left at the door. Saving  you vacuuming time and ultimately, keeping your carpets clean longer. So grab a mat and help save your carpets life!

QC Newsletter September 2018 - Back to School Mystery Stains

Back to School Mystery Stains ???

Its time for the kids to head back to school and hopefully for you to slow down.  You might start noticing a spot or stain here or there you didn’t see before.  Hey... that wasn’t on the couch before summer! Or that spill wasn’t on the carpet!  We are here to help!  At Quick and Clean we can conquer those kid (or husband) stains.  First, your fabric is pre-treated with a safe and powerful cleaning agent to break down stuck in dirt and grease.  The cleaning agent is groomed in to the fabric and rinsed with our truck mounted system.  Any remaining spots like gum, wax, nail polish, drink spills, crayons, food, etc are treated with one of our spotting agents.  Our technicians are experienced in  every type of “kid stain” imaginable!

Call us today for your free quote and don’t forgot our special upholstery cleaning coupon on the back!

QC Newsletter September 2018 - Back to School Special

Back to School Special

15% off Upholstery Cleaning

One coupon per household, not valid on commercial/rental properties, not to be combined with any other offers. (Minimums apply) 

Expires 9/30/18