Tuesday, June 12, 2018

QC Newsletter June 2018 - Summer Special

Summer Special 

15% off
Hardwood Floor 

One coupon per household, not valid on commercial/rental properties, not to be combined with any other offers. (Minimums apply) 

Expires 6/30/18

QC Newsletter June 2018 - Vacuuming Too Much?

Did you know you can never vacuum a carpet "too much"?? It's true! It will never damage the fibers.

The only exception would be if you have have the brush/bar sitting on the carpet and beat the fibers out of it.

Vacuuming daily will only increase the life of your rugs and carpet! Turn on the music and get goin'!

QC Newsletter June 2018 - Beware of Summer's Hot Asphalt!

Beware of Summer’s Hot Asphalt!

Paws will get burned! So beware!

      Air   Asphalt
Temperature             Temperature

 86° ............................135°

 87° ............................143°

At 125° skin destruction can occur in just 60 seconds. 
Always check the asphalt prior to allowing your pet to walk on it.

Tip: If it’s too hot for your bare feet is too hot for theirs!

QC Newsletter June 2018 - Summer Movie Pass!

Regal Cinemas presents family fun movies playing on 
Tuesdays & Wednesdays for the summertime!

Admission to the Summer Movie Express is only $1. Tickets available for purchase at the box office and all movies in  most locations start at 10:00 am. Check with your theater for exact showtimes. Each week both movies play on both days. A portion of the proceeds goes to the Will Rogers Institute.

Both movies play on both days!

6/19 & 6/20 - Storks
Mr Peabody & Sherman

6/26 & 6/27 - Despicable Me 2
How to Train Your Dragon 2

7/3 & 7/4 - The Lego Move
Alvin and the Chipmunks

7/10& 7/11 - Sing 
The Peanuts Movie

7/17 & 7/18 - The Lego Ninjago Movie

7/24& 7/25 - The Secret Life of Pets
Alvin and the Chipmunks: The Squeakquel

7/31 & 8/1 - The Lego Batman Movie

8/7 & 8/8 - Minons
The Boss Baby

8/14 & 8/15 - Paddington 2
Captain Underpants: The First Epic Movie

8/21 & 8/22 - Despicable Me 3
Alvin and the Chipmunks: Chipwrecked

For more info, check out this website: www.regmovies.com/movies/summer-movie-express   

QC Newsletter June 2018 - Hardwood Floor Cleaning

Hardwood Floor Cleaning

Did you know Quick and Clean can clean your hardwood floors with a dust free process?  This maintenance process is designed to help you avoid the dust storm that comes with sanding!  This process will not restore areas that have been damaged from water or areas worn from loss of polyurethane or deep scratches.  This product is specially formulated for heavy traffic on residential and commercial hardwood floors.  It provides unmatched durability among such environmentally friendly floor finishes.

This is our 6-Step Process

1.  Pre-Inspection - We first determine if the floor contain any wax, oily residue, or other contaminants which may affect the adhesion of a new finish.  We also find out what method is needed.

2.  Area Preparation - All movable furniture will be moved prior to cleaning.

3.  Dry Soil Removal - Our technicians thoroughly remove any lose debris, maximizing the results we obtain.  Just like any cleaning process, dry soil removal is most important.

4.  Cleaning - The cleaning process, depending on the service needed, included wood safe cleaners and  state-of-the-art equipment which PRODUCES NO DUST WHATSOVER!  Surface accumulations of     common household pollutants such as food residues or pet oils are removed without abrading your floor to expose any bare wood.

5.  Drying - Because of the equipment we use the floors dry very quickly allowing you to walk on your floors almost immediately.

6.  Post-Inspection - Technicians will initiate a walk through and go over results before leaving.

Optional Preservation Coat

This is a finish we can put on after the cleaning process.  This helps to hide scratches and imperfections it also protects your original finish.  By applying this coating it can help to preserve your original finish so you can put off having to re-finishing your floors for years.  Imagine putting off or never having to live through that dust.... This preservation coat lasts about two to three years depending on traffic on your floors. 

Friday, April 27, 2018

QC Newsletter May - Mothers Day Special

Mothers Day Special

Clean 3 Rooms
Get a 5x7 Area Rug 
Cleaned Free!*

One coupon per household, not valid on commercial/rental properties, 
not to be combined with any other offers. 
(Minimums apply) 
*Synthetic only  

Expires 5/31/18

QC Newsletter May 2018 - Techniques to Keep Your Carpet Clean Longer

Techniques to Keep Your Carpet Clean Longer

One of your carpets main benefits is that it serves as a home air filter.  It traps dirt and allergens in its fibers and making the air healthier and safer to breathe. One square foot of carpet can trap as much as a pound of dirt and dust so it’s important to plan out a cleaning regimen that combines regular vacuuming with periodic professional cleanings. 

Vacuuming the floors weekly can significantly impact the appearance and enhance the health of your home. Using a vacuum that contains a HEPA filter or microfiltration  system on your carpets and rugs helps remove particles from the surface of your carpet. Twice weekly is even better! It’s recommended to have your carpets professionally cleaned every 12-18 months, making a cleaner, healthier  living environment.

When choosing a carpet cleaning professional, there are many things to consider. Our company is an IICRC certified firm.  So what are the benefits of hiring an ICRC certifed firm? Just as any professional performs at a higher level of competency in their fields, IICRC Certified Technicians set themselves apart through training, experience, and comprehensive examination. The examinations consist of the successful completion of one or more of the 28 certifications courses available. An    IICRC Certified Firm must first employ one or more IICRC Certified Technicians and apply with the IICRC to become a Certified Firm.  They also promise to adhere to the IICRC Code of Ethics, be current in their business insurance and licensee requirements, and can proudly display the IICRC logo on their company website and    vehicles.

After a thorough cleaning, to resist everyday staining and soiling of your carpet,  our cleaning service can add protectant that coats the fibers of your carpet, area rug, upholstery, etc to allow you a window of opportunity to clean up a spill before it causes permanent damage.

Keeping your carpets cleaned on a regular schedule can give them a revitalized look and feel. Increase the life of your carpet and protects your investment.  These helpful tips can also reduce allergens and bacteria.  Creating a safer, healthier environment in your home or office. 

Call us today for you free quote on carpet cleaning today at 503-638-4100.